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Now that you have made up your mind to say YES I DO, there are many aspect of this wonderful event that must not be ignored. One of them is PHOTOGRAPHY. It needs to be taken seriously. Yes, as serious as the event itself.

You spend all that money and time; then nothing to remember it except in your memory which fades away with time. Picture says it all. Worst of all you cannot explain an entire event to your friends and relative in details whether few inches or miles apart. With pictures, few or no words are needed. Therefore the need for photography and a good one for that matter cannot be over emphasizes. By the way, why would you want to keep any wedding album if it doesn’t represent memorable moments?

One of the major duties of the event planner is to make sure that the photographer captures all the important aspect of the event and in this case WEDDING. And also that it is captured in the right and unique way.

So this photographer you are about to hire, does he/she know when to shot and how to shot?

The photos need to show even the minute details like the one on the wedding dress. It needs to also capture moments that are important to the couple. How to communicate these moments to your photographer is another topic to be discussed in other editions. First, we need to know the must do scenarios. I have over 50 of them to share with you. You may need to follow this almost a step at a time. Here it goes:

  1. Your wedding dress and the bouquet at the hanger: friends and family would like to see how this dress looked on the hanger. What it was that attracted you to try it on; and eventually bought it for your D-day. Your bouquet next to it brings the beauty out and help to imagine the kind of taste you have for good things.
  2. During the make up:      some would be interested in seeing you before and after the make up and also the make up artist who worked on you.
  3. Before opening the veil:              this is your complete outfit as a bride. The veil let down, covering your face, the bouquet in your hands and probably walking down to the car.
  4. Hair style:           the finished hair style. Front and back view. If time permits, another shot for the veil on the hair. Anyway, time need to permit, it’s your day and we will wait.
  5. The wedding rings:         the wedding and engagement rings before they enter the fingers. We want to imagine what made you choose them despite all other available option. Aside from that your single friends can begin to get inspirations of becoming joined. You know what I mean. Singles are you there!
  6. Your bridal bouquet:     up until this time, your bridal bouquet has been taken in conjunction with the wedding dress. It is time to give it attention too. You are showing it off almost through out the event.
  7. Personal notes:                once you read your vows at the church/registry or any other place during the section, that’s it. Write or print it on beautiful sheet. Then we take a picture of it. Imagine 5 years from now. You may not remember where you dropped it but a picture will always keep it fresh. You can even hear your own voice making those vows each time you come across the pictures in your album. I trust you wouldn’t fault in this marriage but when some trace of it starts showing, Junior can remind Mummy or Daddy even though he wasn’t a witness then! Sister, I am sure you love me more now for this point. Oh yeah. This number is a most do. You get!
  8. Time to go:         An action shot of you going down the stair case is important. It gives both front and back view of your dress, hair and veil. Action shots of you entering the car and also a shot of the car that took you to the vow venue. It’s a classy wedding; we need to see it all.
  9.  Family moments:           its time to take pictures of you and mum, dad, siblings (those in the house at the moment). This is action packed. Some tears. Some hugging and goodbye kisses and other flow of emotions. You are changing status today. No more Titi Ajayi.
  10. My chief:             this is your chief maid. She deserves to occupy an important position with you in your album. Just you and her before running off for the vow. As soon as you are through with your family, she is next.
  11. Let me pose: here you are allowed to pose. It is assumed you are aware a shot is coming. You need to give it your best here. As a matter of fact, you are a model now!
  12. Just the guys:    guys do your thing! You don’t need to pose for this picture. Sit, stand, squat informally depending on which one of the positions you love best. Hey! Wait a minute. I didn’t say all of you should do the same thing at the same time. Haba!
  13. All the children:               the children in the train must not be left out. The little bride with the bride and the ring bearer with the groom. Don’t let these little Angels start fighting you over photography negligence. You could be sued to court for abuse. Abi negligence!
  14. Pet:        If you have pet, let it feel important too. Oga and madam are getting married. After all, it’s the first baby in the house. If it doesn’t get and feel loved, how do you expect it to handle the younger ones that would soon come? Abeg, do Bingo well o o o.
  15. Gift items/welcome packs:         the gift items and welcome pack to be exchanged need to be documented in your album. These include all the souvenirs given by you or on your behalf by friend and family. This may not be captured all at once especially in this part of the world but those in charge must make sure it is done.
  16. Invitation card Program:               This is the most neglected of all. You need to show off what you sent out to friends and family as invitation asking them to block this date for you. They are as important as the event too. Remember, the more the merrier. More so in this part of the world, the more witness you have the better the party. No bi so?
  17. Here comes the bride:  as the bride walks in there are different actions that need to be captured all at a go
    • Shots should be taken from behind the bride just after the entrance door with a view of the groom and the guest looking backwards to see her. Be sure to get the dress especially if it has a long train.
    • Front view of the bride taken from behind the groom and the officiating minister as they watch the entrance of the bride.
  1. The vow:             during the official taking of the vow, a lot is taken into consideration. Here are moments to take note of;
    • The “yes I do” time of the bride and groom.
    • Exchange of ring as it enters the finger.
    • Picture of the guest as they are seated from behind the officiating minister
    • Picture of the bride and groom with officiating minister and complete view of the altar as the ring is exchanged
    • And the moment we are all waiting for: THE KISS.
  2. With your wedding planner:      this actually comes up anytime you can get your wedding planner to take picture with you. It is just fare to give honor to him whom honor is due. She is on her business. Yes, I know. But if she has done a good job, then a space for her in your album wouldn’t hurt.
  3. Stepping out:    your look at this time would definitely change. The anxiety is gone.
    • As per the groom, he is all smiles now. He is all of a sudden bigger in size. “The Daddy’s baby is now mine”!
    • And for the bride, it is clearer. “What! I just changed my identity. Now Mrs Titi Oloye!”

You see what I mean. The expression on their faces has changed. You need to CAPTURE THAT

Well, I know I promised 50 and even more. We still need to know what to focus on after stepping out from the vow section. What should we focus on? That’s easier now. For those who planned a reception for their guest, the next edition is a must grab. Bye.

Note: I will personally love to get a feedback from you, so please kindly reach me.

Please be nice to me, drop some comments. Thank you

Edith Ozumba

CEO Acabado Products

+234 803206565

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