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Life doesn’t go slowly, it rushes swiftly and the same processes happen with your business. You can’t leave out of account even a thing that deals with your work, because it will cause problems in the future. You have to take into consideration everything, pay attention to each detail, and just be in the swim. So, it means that you should always be involved in your business affairs. Business first and leisure can wait till the work is done

Hey, Lets even think about this. Have you imagined what you couldn’t do without your fine cutting wheel? Or using pizza cutter instead? Worst of all, can you imagine you actually used the money to buy an Ankara you just discovered you can’t wear anymore for one reason or the other.

I remember back then when I needed to get my Obafemi Awolowo office. I tried saving every penny I could so as to get an office in a location accessible to the kind of clients I wanted. I didn’t realize how much it has affected my way of clothing that one day my neighbour downstairs asked me in the presence of about 4 other CLASSY women if I was wearing my husband’s shoe. Well, I smiled over the gesture and explained it wasn’t my husband’s but mine. I had to buy unisex shoes so as to use them on a lot of cloths especially jeans. I was always on the go anyway. They laughed the day light out of me. I am sure you are laughing too. Don’t blame me, I had to buy tools.

Recently, I stumbled on an article by a researcher Erica Okada, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Washington Business School. In her study that sheds new light on how consumers choose between pleasurable or practical products, she has found that people are more likely to buy fun products, but only if the situation allows them the flexibility to rationalize their purchases.

My sister, ah beg tell me, who would not rationalize buying even SHIT. Of course you have a reason for buying that aso ebi.
You need to buy that aso ebi, or you wouldn’t get the order or sale. It’s your sister in laws father in laws burial, so you need to buy. It will look as if hardship is more in your family if you don’t buy. So you buy with even the capital.

It baffles me when I see women robbing PETER to pay PAUL. Because Madam X is getting out of the house every morning to an office shouldn’t be an excuse for you to drill your husband that hard earned money for a cake shop that you cannot sustain. He pays the rent, the salaries, production materials, etc. Na wa o o. If the business is not taking care of its expenses what excuse do you have keeping it?

I remember when my small mixer packed up without warning. I just rented my office three months before with all the kobo I had. The setting up was done as the jobs came in. Then this mixer thing. For two weeks to the time I bought a new one to one month after, I had to give my legedis Benz unleaded fuel. May be you didn’t get it. I mean I walked. I only lost few Kilos. I am very fat now. I wouldn’t have gotten a 40 liter mixer if I was thinking of my cloths.


My people say time is money, use your time well ……. Money no dey fall from heaven …..  You remember the song now. I trust you will! So what have you been doing with your time? Yes I know sugar artists hardly have time for themselves. What about new skills and new USEFUL friends. Try it out. It could be what would pay for that extravaganza!

Yes, extravaganzas like a holiday. You’ve earned it- a sabbatical, a getaway to a seaside resort, or just a week spent with your family. The sheer thought of escaping from the usual grind is exciting, but you need to work for it first. As in, let your business do the sponsoring this time rather than PETER.

As the sole owner of that business think of your cloths but first your tools; rent, equipment, salaries, training, and more. Oh my God, what’s the time?

Bye, bye.

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Edith Ozumba

CEO Acabado Products

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