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Getting married is a wonderful experience. Everyone seems to be actively involved both  in the planning and execution. Everyone gets so busy that they forget the couple. In my own opinion, where the couple keep themselves is where they would be. Sometimes I just wonder if wedding is some sort of entertainment. Well, one of my friends once told me some folks just dress up every Saturday and search for where e dey happen. They occupy a strategic position at the venue and make sure they get the best. So at least to some people it is an entertainment. They don’t want to eat too much because of weight problems but they sha need to have a taste of every item in and out of the menu list. This will help to evaluate the party. They will dance with every one and “help” them pick sprayed moneys. They can even help pick out the used plates and spoons if the caterers are not fast enough. Any valuable item like handset not well kept they would surely take care of. Are they nuisance or parasites? No they are not. How else would you evaluate this party especially in terms of security if they were absent?

Forget that one sha.  Back to what I was saying, mothers-in-law are thinking of “my” guest rather than “our” guest. You see assorted geles still differentiating the groom’s family from the bride’s family and seated at opposite sides as if to show off which family is larger and more prominent. I thought the couple is now one body! Practice what you preach, Barry white would say.
Couple, its your fault o o! Choose an asobi that covers for the colours of the day for everyone.

I am sure you are planning for a perfect wedding and chances are you can afford it.  Let me tell you this, and don’t be deceived by any wedding planner, something would definitely go wrong. Yes, you would Develop strategies for success, Make a checklist, create a budget, Consider logistics, Plan publicity, and evaluate the event.  All these you would have done earlier. The level of damage depends on how and when if at all it was corrected. Am I saying a wedding planner is not necessary? NO! Without wedding planner, more things go wrong.

I remember my own wedding. My gown arrived two days to the D-day. It needed some amendments. I wasn’t a tailor nor could I stitch a thing together. Even if I am a tailor it wasn’t the best thing to be doing 48 hours to the altar. I had to stay with a local tailor nearby the street for over four hours to get it done. I got to the venue and saw the backdrop was multicolored. More like a rainbow! There was royal blue, brown, white, green, orange, red, yellow… Sorry I have lost count. Since we were backing it, I forgot about it quickly. We are just six at the high table; my parents, his parents, chairman and his wife. Till date we have people who still hold grudges they were not called to the high table. We had apologies for very, very important personalities that were missing in our guest list. How it happened we don’t know.  Even though we had strict budget, some how our honeymoon was postponed because of fund. As I write, I don’t have my wedding video yet. Don’t think I got married last Saturday. I am talking of several years back. Bad planning, you could call it. I warned you earlier something would definitely go wrong.

The good part is I was happy. I mean very happy because I was getting married to my best friend.

How did I manage to be happy despite all?
There is something someone gave me while I was preparing for my wedding. I consider it the greatest wedding present. I distributed them according to need to those who are also preparing for this big day for us and for themselves. I will share it with you if only you would be patient. It came in three different parts. I will share as much as the editor-in-chief allows me. Hold him responsible if you want more.
Well, here it goes! Like a hot potato.

First part: for us the couple

  • This is our wedding, so we will voice out any strong convictions we may have
  • All decisions concerning our wedding will be made or concluded jointly by us the couple
  • We have control over a lot of things especially the one we are paying for
  • Even if someone else is paying our bills, we have a strong part to play in the selection of time, date, religion, location, guest list, music, costume, etc
  • We have no business acting as negotiators between the two sets of parents
  • We know, there could be some absurdity, we would do our best to laugh at it

Second part: to our parents and other in-laws

  • We know you love us and want the best for us but please remember it is our wedding not yours
  • As you sponsor us please remember we could have different opinion from yours and that we have other relatives who might want to be actively involved too.
  • Please respect our in-laws’ culture event if they are totally different from ours.
  • We understand you may not entirely love my spouse but respect is deserved

Third part: to whom it may concern

  • We know you have a stack in making this marriage work. This is so with many of our relatives and friends too.
  • You can be brutally honest but it shouldn’t be maliciously spread around
  • The perfect organizer died over 2000 years ago. Something is definitely going to go wrong. You may be the one who could get it corrected. We plead that you do so. So that you wouldn’t expect someone to do it when someone is thinking anybody could do it and at the end nobody did.
  • Please try to tolerate every body else

Was this harsh? Well, this was why I had the best wedding in my time. TRY IT.

Please be nice to me, drop some comments. Thank you

Edith Ozumba

CEO Acabado Products

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