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When a child is born, especially the female, the parents starts thinking consciously and unconsciously: ok, this one is going and this other one (the boy) is staying. And the girl is brought up that way. She knows she is going. But to where? Things unfold as she grows up. She is going to start up a new family physically like the one she is in now. With who? A man of course! But who is this man? At some age she starts dreaming of him and trying to find someone who fits into this dream. But where and how? This is a question that most girls keep asking themselves as they try different stunts.

This man is not just going to come and then go. She is going to spend over 60 years with this unknown man. In summary, the question is “Do you surrender yourself and all that you have worked for to this man in sickness and in health forever” and there comes the Yes I Do.

Before she got to this stage of Yes I Do, she most likely has gone through pain. Pains of not being loved in return. Pains of not being trusted. Pains of physical assault. Pains of starting all over again and not being sure if it was worth another trial. Yes, so many other pains that only she could describe.

But you are here now, planning for the most important day of your life; a day that mark and prove to everyone that you are now a grown woman, and a responsible one who can raise a responsible family. A day that gives you a voice in the nation because you are just about to contribute to the future of your country through the kind of generation you are about to raise; A day that mark possible reproduction of a world genius; A day that leads to the world of certainties and uncertainties; realizable and un-realizable dreams.

So you have your families and friends who are planning for you and for themselves for this D-day. So much has been put in place before now. The Venue is ready. The wedding gown is classy and ready too. Several trials have been made to make sure it fits well. The cake is massive because you have a class. The sugar artist understands you and what you need for this cake. She is gone out of her way to get it done. The photographers, caterers, venue decorators have given you a glimpse of just the kind of world you want to be in on that day. Wow! Your teams, The Bridal Train are rehearsing too. Their steps must be right! The make up artist is on stand by to retouch every now and then after all you are booking her for the whole day. It’s really gonna be smashy. The money is not the problem.

Wow! And Wow again!  Great plans! Its going to be a beautiful day. Yes one day. Just one day. All these ceremony is one day but a life time consequences. It requires careful physical, spiritual, social, financial, ……  selection of this one man among many. Come to think of it who is going to pass through this strenuous screening without faulting? Not even you. This brings us back to you. Are you the right person?



Marriage day, the ever awaited in anyone’s life, is significant in human lives as marriage is the inauguration of the basic institutions of society, the families. It’s a dream every young heart wishes to realize soon. This cherished dream brings along a lot of responsibilities. You most likely have read or listened to different articles and tapes, gone for different programs and seminars on how to make your marriage work. So you think you are prepared enough to go in.

I was in a congregation recently. All was quiet. Suddenly someone coughed. It didn’t sound like a sick person but I was forced to look back. I saw an elderly man in his eighties and a woman about his age sitting next to him. I concluded they are married couples. They were nonchalantly doing their own thing. Just this sight got me thinking real deep. What would I look like at that age? What would still be the attraction to any man? Then the big question came. Are we going to get to this age together? If not who is going first? I know.  You don’t want to think of this.

I tell you. Marriage is sweet and interesting. You wonder why Doctors call what they do everyday PRACTICE. Why the sun darkens the skin but lightens the hair. I don’t know either but I know marriage is an institution of learning where all student don’t score distinction. I know you don’t want to be the one to go with an F9 though there could still be “carry over” if time permits. No one can be completely compatible with another person.

I will leave you with just these four points to consider as you travel through this land of the unknown with your best friend.

  • Self centeredness: forget yourself
  • Communication skill: continue to improve on it
  • Addiction: change for the better is best
  • Comparison: no two persons are the same not even identical twins

It therefore needs courage to say YES I DO with hope for success: an achievement of a set goal.

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Edith Ozumba

CEO Acabado Products

+234 803206565



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